Moncler Enfant | Kids Collection Fall Winter 2012-2013


For all the little Moncler fans, the fall winter collection is defined by light fabrics and a kaleidoscope of color, with hints of yellow, red, orange, green and blue. Whether for the town or the mountains, it's a collection which is tongue-in-cheek and always playful.


The quilted tutu-flounce jacket in blue with contrasting white is perfect for running, dancing and playing. The little coat and jacket in satin nylon with a special feather-light direct injection filling are just right for feeling light as a bird. The parka, with a hood trimmed in fure which can be tied under the chin, is straight out of a farytale, while the litlle jacket in a candy pink lacquer finish with a double row of maxi buttons is pure unbrindled fun.


Dynamic and agile, the technical nylon black jacket with stitching and a zip worthy of a real biker. Inviting adventure, a hooded bomber jacket with wool jersey sleeves exemplifies the American collegiate look. The university style is also present in a waterproof grey wool flannel jacket with knitted cuffs and lining in contrasting creamy-white nylon. Soft effects are found on the surfaces of the jackets, with applications in needle-punched flannel. The parkas are available in an array of colors, from mustard to burgundy.


The little baby suits in satin nylon are warm, ultra-light and precious. A touch of irony is present in the micro sheepskin waistcoat and the quilted cape complete with a hood to be paired with little trousers. Details in sheepskin also appear on the "Forest Gnome" jacket with a single central pocket in the front. The baby sack in soft wool jersey is as a warm as an embrace.


As always, the collection features Moncler's ergonomic cuts and ultra-technical wind and snow-beating performance. New this season are the colors: for boys, a bright yellow combined with grey and for girls, cherry red with black details.

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